Through the Window of Setsuna
Episode 11 - Through the Window of Setsuna - Title Slate
(セツナの窓辺, Setsuna no Madobe)
Episode Data
Previous On the Windy Planet
Next Boys' Battlefield
Writer Yōji Enokido
Director Shou Omachi
Airing Date
Japanese June 14, 2014
Mecha [Show/Hide]
Through the Window of Setsuna (セツナの窓辺, Setsuna no Madobe?) is the eleventh episode of Captain Earth.[1]



Akari and Hana befriend a young girl called Setsuna, unaware that she is one of the missing Design Children. Amara and Moco attempt to contact Setsuna, but stumble into a confrontation with Daichi and Teppei instead, while Setsuna learns the shocking truth behind the experiments made on her by her caretaker. 

Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit



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