The Name of the Gun is Livlaster
Episode 2 - The Name of the Gun is Livlaster - Title Slate
(銃の名はライブラスター, Jū no Na wa Raiburasutā)
Episode Data
Previous Earth Engine Open Fire
Next The Rainbow of Albion
Writer Yōji Enokido
Director Ikuro Sato
Airing Date
Japanese April 12, 2014
Mecha [Show/Hide]
Earth Engine, Malkin
The Name of the Gun Is Livlaster (銃の名はライブ Jū no Na wa Raiburasutā?, also known as It's called Livlaster) is the second episode of Captain Earth



Assisted by the hacker Akari Yomatsuri, Daichi successfully repels the Kill-T-Gang's attack and after returning to Earth, he reunites with Teppei and Hana Mutou, a mysterious girl both Daichi and Teppei met during their childhood. Enraged with the inhuman treatment given to Teppei and Hana, Daichi decides to do something about it.

Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit




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