Taiyou Manatsu (真夏 タイヨ Manatsu Taiyou?)

Taiyou Manatsu
Taiyou Manatsu
(真夏タイヨ, Manatsu Taiyou)
First Appearance Earth Engine Open Fire!
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor Toshiyuki Morikawa


Gender Male
Age ??(Deceased)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations Globe
is Daichi Manatsu's father who died during the first Kiltgang invasion attempt 9 years ago. Daichi was told that he had died in an accident.



When Daichi asked Tsutomu if his father really did die in an accident, Tsutomu responded with "He...your father...was a wonderful Captain". This was prompted by Taiyou's self sacrifice for Earth as he was a captain.


Taiyou is a fair skinned man with black hair and turquoise eyes like his son.

Quotes Edit

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