Captain Earth Wiki - Weapon - Plasmagnum - Blueprint

(プラズマグナム, Purazumagunamu)
First Appearance Satellitejack
Manufacturer Globe
Operators Daichi Manatsu

This article is a stub. You can help Captain Earth Wiki by expanding it.The Plasmangum (プラズマグナム, Purazumagunamu?) is a weapons designed to be used in tagum with a one of the Engine series of Impacters.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Power: The Plasmagnum needs a minimum of 2.0 gigajoules to function.

Function: The Plamagnum was the ability of deleting any data in Orgone energy, according to Mia. This will enable it to kill a Planetary Gear by deleting it's digital soul in a ego block.


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