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On the Windy Planet
Episode 10 - On the Windy Planet - Title Slate
(風の星で風の星で,Kaze no Hoshi de)
Episode Data
Previous Magical Girl Akari-chan
Next Through the Window of Setsuna
Writer Yōji Enokido
Director Hiroko Kazui
Airing Date
Japanese June 7, 2014
Mecha [Show/Hide]
On The Windy Planet (風の星で風の星で, Kaze no Hoshi de ?) is the tenth episode of Captain Earth. [1]



Amara and Moco awaken Lin, the third of their companions and the Avatar of the Kill-T-Gang Liebam. Daichi confronts Lin and defeats her, but fails to prevent her from summoning Liebam and it's up to Teppei to stop her, piloting his own machine, the "Nebula Engine". 

Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit



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